Business Meeting

In Business

Confidence in business leads to

more positive culture,

measured job success,  

stronger mental wellness, &

realized organizational mission. 

Back to School with Mask

In School

Confidence in school leads to

more positive culture,

higher academic acheivement,  

stronger mental wellness, &

positive global citizenship. 

In Life

Confidence in life leads to

knowing we are enough,

& that what we do is working,  

stronger mental wellness, &

positive relationships. 

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Speaker, Trainer, Coach & 

Founder of high impact companies

My favorite moments are the ones where I witness someone realize their value --myself included. 


And do you know what ALWAYS shows up when that happens???


Where do we need confidence?


"Amy is an outstanding speaker and presenter, and literally fills the room with her positive sparkling energy.  She genuinely cares about her audience, and always delivers a message of profound impact.  She is truly a life changer." 

~ Shad Helmstetter, PH.D., NY Times Best-Selling Author and International Speaker & Presenter

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