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I love creating content that encourages us to have conversations around BIG questions!  Whether it's a casual and insightful chat with Jaime Lyon on our podcast Real Life Positivity, an article I've written for The Noticed Network's Blog, a new perspective on the Noticing With Podcast, a quick post to Instagram, or a guest appearance on another AMAZING human's channel, I hope to inspire, inform, & invite all people of all ages to engage in confidently, being people of excellence.

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Mental Health Resources

If you, or  someone you love, are not able to choose to Notice goodness it may be an important indicator that professional mental health assistants is needed.  First Steps For Help is multilingual, always confidential, and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Additional mental wellness perspective may also be found in the following content:


"As much as I try to Notice goodness ... 

sometimes I can't."

blog post written for The Noticed Network

by Amy Johnson 

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Episode 16 -"Choices" 

Real Life Positivity with Amy + Jaime

podcast hosted by I AM Noticed Founders,

Amy Johnson & Jaime Lyon


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