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Speaker, Facilitator, Coach & 

Founder of high impact companies

Chief Vision Officer


Inquiry & Booking Requests

in-person and virtual options available

Email or Zoom???

You can click on your area of interest to send an email inquiry or click the button below to set up a Discovery call via zoom. 

Do you have an idea (or even a vision) for working together that I haven't thought of yet???  I'd love to hear more about it!!!


Are you looking for a partner to help you &/or your team bring your vision to life? 

Let me be your CVO

So often personal and professional development focuses on fixing what's broken or overcoming our shortcomings.  That is not my approach. It's not about fixing.  It's about systematically discovering how we can leverage our confidence so we can realize our visions and really want to show up!

Noticing goodness is my super power!  I believe in the goodness of people, and I believe that when that goodness is realized the benefits are exponential. 

When I think about my own personal vision for my life I want my legacy to be that I was a part of helping people like you realize those exponential benefits by living and working in the way you envision!!!


If you are looking for an expert with an eye for excellence and a tool box full of proven practices that can help you and the people you care about want to show up as the best version of yourselves, I can't wait to connect!

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