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Amy Johnson is a speaker, facilitator, coach, and founder of high impact companies. 


In 2011, Amy founded The Noticed Network.  For the past 10 years, she has been guided the by the simple mission of helping people Notice the goodness in themselves and others.  The Noticed Network is changing the way that people look at themselves and the people around them.  Through its online store, blog, and social media, Amy has been an integral part of helping more than 30,000 people experience being Noticed with a capital N.


In 2015, Amy joined forces with Jaime Lyon to co-found I AM Noticed to help students, staff, & families create more positive culture in schools, and in life.  With a foundation built on social-emotional learning, Amy & Jaime created original curriculum to teach people of all ages simple practices that lead to confidence.


Amy holds a degree in Corporate Communication, with an emphasis in Training & Development, and continues to be a lifelong learner of humans, and what makes them tick.  Her education and experience have put her in a unique position to truly help people transform their lives and help them positively impact the orgazniations they are a part of. 


She serves as a professional speaker and coach in the small business, corporate, non-profit, civic, and education sectors, as well as working with clients in small groups and one-on-one. 


Amy’s expertise as the Chief Vision Officer of her own companies, and serving as a CVO for her clients, has given her the unique perspective and wisdom to help individuals, and the orgazniations that they are a part of, tap into their want to, lean into their confidence, & realize their vision.

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